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the iron workshop is a project by Una Goccia per il Mondo

CONTACT NUMBERS    012 961 648 / 093 961 648 /  012 500 791 Siem Reap, Cambodia

Our vision is to help the unfortunate youth of Cambodia, to give them an opportunity that otherwise they would not receive because of many different family dynamics, poverty, single parenting and illness being the most obvious.


Born as a humanitarian project itself the Iron Workshop has now evolved into a social enterprise capable to contribute (albeit still in a limited way) to the funding of new initiatives of Una Goccia per il Mondo (One Drop for the World) in favour of disadvantaged young Cambodians.


In January 2014 we opened the Saat School, where we give the opportunity to over 300 students to learn the English language and the use of the computer. Both skills are mandatory to get a better paid job which will allow to provide a brighter future to each student and his/her family.  


Well, definitely we came a long way from our beginnings… but there is still a lot of room for improvement and new activities that we have in mind.

We believe that in order to ensure that future generations progress we must first teach our young to acquire moral values and to respect their common cultural and social customs. We motivate our youth to gain knowledge, skill and the attitude needed for survival and development and to use this wisdom throughout life to encourage future generations to continue in the fight for progress and harmony.

Help us to continue providing skills and jobs to unfortunate Cambodian youth.


As a not-for-profit reality all profits go into the funding of Una Goccia per il Mondo’s activities. There are so many things that can be done to improve the living conditions and it is important that funds required can also be raised  locally.