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proudly located in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Due to the high demand for air conditioning maintenance services we have created a sister enterprise, Inter Alia, to fully meet the needs of our clients.

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In Siem Reap, Cambodia our team has provided quality and dependable service since 2006. You can trust us to get each job done right and we will always perform to the highest possible standards.

Besides our metal working services, we are now pleased to announce the availability of the following additional services: air conditioning installation and maintenance, garden upkeep maintenance, interior and exterior painting. All these new services will be provided with the same care, reliability and great rates offered since our beginning.

During the years of our activity, we have been asked by numerous customer for additional services. Some are more requested than others, but you can rest assured that they are all carried out with the same philosophy: customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Dear All,

The Iron Workshop Team wishes to thank everyone who has supported us since we started our activities. Not only are we still doing business but we have kept growing and increasing our range of services, from metal works to air conditioners maintenance.

All this has been possible thanks to the hard work, commitment, passion of our staff in what we are doing.

Again, thank you for all the much appreciated support.

All our products are hand-made with locally purchased materials. With several years of experience we can offer the best value your money can buy and if you need custom works just let us know and we will try our best to match your desires.

Our workers have been thoroughly trained and are eager to take on new challenges whether big or small.

Click here for looking at samples of products we can fabricate for you.

Please note that we can fabricate objects in both iron and stainless steel.
We like to dream… and we like to think that dreams do come true.

Everything started almost by chance: a single man with a vision and a will to pursue it.

From our first training in a rented primary school classroom to the creation of an independent Vocational Training facility, we have been able to provide education to young Cambodians since 2004 and we will just continue to do so.

This has been possible thanks to the help, dedication and support of so many people: friends, co-workers, clients, donors, … People that decided to give their talents, time and money to help a dream come true.